Comment: But she hadn't ran a barricade as of the point they surrounded..

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But she hadn't ran a barricade as of the point they surrounded..

..her vehicle.

The car had no front end damage, so the barricade story is false. I can understand your point of view, but in this case, the facts don't add up.

She did seemingly ram through police who were standing in her way, guns drawn, surrounding the vehicle. She did not hit ant police, I don't believe, on the video tape above. But she did force them to move and would have caused injury if they did not.

That said, it seems that when they surrounded the car with guns drawn, she panicked. That is certainly understandable, especially to someone who doesn't know what is happening. Not everyone 'freezes' as a response to fear. Most people have 'fight or flight' response.

This is very similar, imo, to the NYC SUV/Bikers' incident. This woman feared for her life, surrounded by thugs who forced her to pull over, and she fled in fear for her life. The thugs then chased her down and assaulted her with weapons. The difference here, is that the Woman is dead, and the thugs were police.

Of course, we could just set the precedent that 'reckless driving' is a capital offense. That would be really helpful to restoring our republic.

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