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Also close but not quite

Not all states pay full prices back to solar generation. Most pay an "avoided cost" which drops out the tx and dx portions. However, even what they pay this amount, they are benefiting from not having such high peaks on both transmission and distribution. Go check your transmission loads against their max safe current and you'll see that there's a decision looming sooner or later on when to build more. Every solar installation you connect to your grid pushes that decision out a little farther. If we had a genuine free market, this would actually get pushed out indefinitely because it's always cheaper to produce distributed power than it is to pay for auxiliary equipment that simply helps ship equally expensive power from somewhere else (not to mention at a loss).

The argument that solar causes problems because you can't predict when it comes online and when you need to generate power to cover for it, is a complete fallacy. I hate when people bring that up. If you don't know when I'm going to kick on my big table saw and rip a dozen 10 foot hard oak boards into tiny strips, how can you plan ahead for that? To the grid, there's no difference between using power and stopping the generation of the same amount of power. In all honesty, it's even better in the case of solar because the saw has power factor issues while the solar inverter has them matched very well.

And regarding that solar customers should pay for their 'extra' metering expenses and not pass them off to their neighbors, they do. When applying for a connection, they always have to pay extra fees for your labor plus disconnect switches plus any meter boxes (if duals are required). This is an enormous portion of a PV installation cost which people often don't learn of until they've pulled the trigger.

Uncle Sam may make the rules, but just like EVERY OTHER INDUSTRY, the utility companies lobby for the rules they want and use them to game the system. Trust me, I've been there and I've got a box of tee shirts.