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True Romance , sorry never saw it.

Since age 15 I have ridden bikes (I am now 61). For many of those years I rode, built and had a Harley shop. My life involved dealing with 1%er clubs (not biker gangs) repairing, building and selling Harley parts. I worked very hard to stay neutral. The fantasy that is presented in biker movies does not cover the reality. Most things are a total joke and Hollywood hype and some things in real life are best kept secret and never hit the movie screen. I did spend 2 years in The Guardian Angels with Curtis and Lisa Sliwa in New York, Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. I was shot near or at 6 times and my patrol leader Unique King was stabbed with an ice pick in the kidney in one of the many scraps we had. I had my skull fractured and a concussion when 8 of us were attacked by 40 or 50 people. They were angry because we upset and interrupted their drug dealing. So do you want to have a pissing contest and compare scars and broken bones? I would probably win that one.
Yes, there are some really bad biker people and some that even scare me. The idiots in the video would not last 5 minuets with real bikers and I have seen it personally happen. They are a bunch of idiots that are showing off and pretending to be real bikers. I don't take them seriously and I just stay out of their way and I don't have any problems.
I understand the natural instinct of flight or fight, I have been there many times. But you are always responsible for your actions. If you knock someone out and they fall and crush their skull on the concrete it is called manslaughter or worse. If you run and put someone in a coma, paralyzed and with 2 broken legs you do not get a free pass by saying " I didn't mean to do it, I was afraid". You are responsible for your actions, and blaming the victim doesn't cut it.
Everyone there has their part of the blame and no one is innocent. I am sure it will take a while for the lawyers to sort things out. No one is going to walk away scott free or should they.
"It is counter intuitive for any parent to remain in a dangerous situation like this in order to exchange insurance information with a mob of 30 unlicensed, uninsured violent miscreants" First there were more than 30 motorcyclist and where are you getting your information that they were unlicensed and uninsured? Sounds like you are making up things like the MSM does all the time. When you make up things it brings into question the credibility of the rest of your statements. But you don't need me to say that, people can figure that out for themselves.
My situational awareness and training over all these years has brought me thru many situations that many people would not have lived thru. I have been to funerals of many of my contemporaries and that seems proof enough.