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"In fact, I just went back

"In fact, I just went back and listened again because I couldn't recall Sowell saying he 'guaranteed' anything. (Not that I'm saying he didn't say it, but if he did, I must have missed it twice now.)"

Sorry, I wasn't referring to this video. I am actually a fan of Sowell, but for different reasons. He has said this many times in his interviews; he uses the phrase a lot, ie "Black people had greater buying power in the 50s...I guarantee it!" Things like that.

"I happened to note how the woman said, "the fact is, in the overwhelming majority of American homes, the women also work." Now the year of the program was 1981, but she'd said she was looking at statistics from 1978. "

That is fine. But one, just because she does it does not mean Sowell should. Two, she is a nobody. Thomas Sowell is an established, educated, and respected economist. She lies or exaggerates, who cares. He does it, and people will take his word as gold.

"'m not saying there hasn't been discrimination against women in various forms, including as involves employment. But the right way to address the issues was how Sowell was looking at things - comparing 'like' backgrounds."

No, that is the correct way to do it. My point is that, Sowell says something like this:

"Look at the issue by comparing people of like backgrounds...they make the same!"

He's implying that the latter part of that statement is true. But if you actually look at it, it isn't true. You can do it by years in the workforce, education level, and even job title, and men get more IIRC. I remember in 1993 this was posed to him at an academic conference. HE simply said that there must be some difference that hadn't been accounted for.

"He was right in observing that the career experience of a 40-year old mother who'd been at home for some amount of years raising children and had returned to the workforce was not the same entity as that of a 40-year old male, or female, who'd been working in a career continuously."

Again, he pretends that studies that look at income inequality don't already do this. That is the danger of Sowell; he makes a lot of arguments and conclusions with NOTHING to back it up.

That is the thing with Sowell. I agree it has been exaggerated. I agree that legislation cannot fix it. But I don't agree that the gender gap simply does not exist...

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