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Basement dweller (nice handle)

I'll let you in on a little secret...

I actually don't have any problem with Christianity (except pronunciation of some of the words)...

I'm raising the issue of how they (we) just blurt out "God is in control" almost like a superstitious chant. Or like saying "God Bless you" when people sneeze.

I mean just because life gets rough and even bloody sometimes doesn't mean God's not paying attention and the freight train got away from him. He never sleeps .. he never slumbers.

So I am totally cool with your responses even if I erred in thinking it was a response to me... because anything that makes us wrestle with this whole aspect of our existence is part of our continual awakening.

It's good to have committed partners to chew on our spirituality.

God knows it ain't gonna' happen in the aisle of a Nordstrom's.