Comment: Aggregating people is a statist's game

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Aggregating people is a statist's game

Aggregating people is a statist's game. Especially if the aggregates are crude, like the numbers quoted by the woman. Thomas Sowell rightly attacked her crude groups; single women, for instance which would include previously married woman who likely had spent 15 or 20 years raising children.

So crude aggregates, or groups, are the very worst, but even more precise ones like Thomas prefers are still malignant. People have widely varying abilities, character traits and innate drive. It makes no sense to average numbers relating to two or more individuals and think your understanding of them is increased.

ONLY individuals who want to control others from a superior position have any interest in these bogus aggregates. They use the numbers to increase their own personal power and influence over others.

A free sovereign individual who also considers everyone else free and sovereign does not think in aggregates and has no use for aggregates promoted by others.