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The union is not a country therefor it cannot be a Republic. The Union is a union of countries, and according to Article 4 Section 4 of This Constitution each State is guaranteed a Republican form of Government. So each State is a Republic and therefore an individual sovereign country in union with the other American Republics.

The government of the Union is called The United States. it is a municipal corporation set into being by the Constitution for the United States, which was ratified by the States. The states come first! The proper description for several countries which form such a union is called a Federation or Confederation. Hence the term: Federal Government.

Ron Paul MUST know this.

U.S. citizens are therefore NOT citizens of any de jure country but a municipal corporation. They are presumed to be U.S. citizens, citizens of the District of Columbia, from birth when their parents file a birth certificate and apply for a social security Federal I.D.. On top of that, the 14th Amendment presumes them to be U. S. citizens regardless.

But nobody told them that at 18 they have Six months to refute that presumption if they so wish to. Nobody told them that to contract is to consent, that every time they file a federal or state form, apply for a license - professional license, driver's license, or marriage license, - receive benefits or privileges of any kind, or exercise any, so called, "civil rights" (rights granted by the government), they are consenting to the U.S. Federal Government and their own status as a Federal subject citizen.

The true power and authority in law rests in the hands of the peoples of the several States: the Article 4 State [Citizens] nationals, of whom few exist. They are the true States. They are the only ones with the rightful status and standing, in law, to wage legal battles with the power elite and win.

The 14th Amendment subject citizen has no standing to protest the injustices being perpetrated upon her by the very government to which she has already consented, and whose territory is not part of the Union. To be outside the Union is to be outside This Constitution. Again, the District of Columbia is not a State. Without State status (the same status as every other State (country) in the Union) the people ruled by that government called The United States are NOT guaranteed a Republican form of Government.

They are lost, and without (jurisdictionaly out side of) the States of of the Union - the united States. They know not how Congress passes Private Law which applies only to them because they do not comprehend the international nature and construct, in law, of the American Union of Republics and where they fit into it. They are at best misled, and at worst woefully and willfully ignorant.

Thus is the state of all our problems.

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