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I don't think we're in disagreement here.

I think that maybe that video clip just wasn't a good example of what you apparently know from elsewhere.

And no, I don't think that just because one side would use statistics (or just outright lie) to mislead, that it makes it all right for the other side to. But, whoever that woman is, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the influence of her and those like her: while they themselves might not be known, their message came across loud and clear (louder than Sowell's) via universities, tv & movies, commericals, magazine articles... and it worked! (Bearing the brunt of their success has been a generation of home-alone children.)

I imagine that some of the studies re gender and race do, and some of the studies do not, take into account the kind of factors that Sowell raised in that clip. Unfortunately, outside of academic circles - and, to be sure, within enough of them (especially within the education community) - people don't know enough about statistics to even know what to look for. "How To Lie With Statistics" should be required reading of all high schoolers!

FYI, re the race gap and education, I highly recommend Abigail Thernstrom's No Excuses: Closing The Racial Gap in Learning.

And I do believe there is a gender gap. In part that's *because* of the feminist agenda. And, while I imagine that Sowell has done enough analyses to know that the income gap is less the fault of employers' hiring-policies than his debating partner would have it appear, nonetheless, whatever is at the crux of it, it's a problem that those 40-year old women returning to the workplace are *not* going to have the same career experience or incomes as the 40-year olds who'd worked in a career all along; well, it's not the inequity, per se, that's the problem. The problem is that so many women fall into poverty as a result if they are the household head.

Thanks for the reply. And I've made a note to check out some of those resources you listed in a comment above. But no fair, your throwing out that you're actually a fan of Sowell's and not saying why! :)

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