Comment: Here's another surprising source that says the same thing...

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Here's another surprising source that says the same thing...

But in an advisory manner.

Do you remember Bill Ayres, and Bernadine Dorn, part of a group known as the Weathermen ?

They bombed the Capital Building during the Vietnam war, murdered a few cops, got off on a technicality?

Get a copy of " it doesn't take a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows " , it was their how to manual..

I believe that the part about dividing up our military and having it be all over the globe in different locations is part of their strategy to take over., it's towards the back of the manual .

Another source, but I can't recall if I'm remembering it correctly as being in there also is the STORM manual written by Timothy Van Jones, another 70's shit head, I meant socialist radical.

Anyway, I came out of self imposed " retirement " here to pass this on...,.

But now for more.....quite Steadfast.

I am a Wyclif plow boy, just walking with Iesōus.

God Bless

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