Comment: Smudge Pot! I just realized what it was

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Smudge Pot! I just realized what it was

What it was that bothered me about this.

Mother Theresa.

Mother Theresa.

What did she say about going to an anti-war rally?

I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.

Now - is that a real quote or not? I have no idea - I found it on the internet. I lean towards yes, but ultimately whether she ever said it not, she's right!

Antiwar is a good wedge. I agree. But what are you for?

And how do you sell what you're for?

It is all a big marketing campaign. Beauty pageant. Product launch. It is the Selling of the President.

(I wish I could say I've read that book, but I haven't and I hope the opportunity arises that I can read it.)

I have to think about how I'd feel about selling a negative. A double negative. Anti-War. Why not just a positive?

Why not shower them with Love instead.

If for no other reason than no one has ever, or will ever attempt it - if not for the Merry Pranksters of the Daily Paul.

Unite behind the issue of Love, then turn the love hose on, spigot wide open. I mean tap into the universal source of love, and see if we can direct it, and use it to put out those raging fires of hatred in most people's hearts?