Comment: Where is the GOP unLeadership

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Where is the GOP unLeadership

on all this BS? They should be coming out nailing his azz to the wall for shuting down non-government areas, and trying to blaim all this on the Tea Party faction of the GOP. This proves the GOP unleaderships are in collusion in this game, just like former Clinton insider Larry Nichols said in a radio interview the other night, a deal was cut to destroy the Tea Party grassroots to force them into a 3rd party. Corporate collectivists do what ever their masters tell them to do, no matter what the consequences may result, or they will be exposed for some crooked deal they were baited into. Trying to change the District of Corporatists is a lost cause, as we don't have the time to chip away gaining 5% each election, as what resulted in the '12 election cycle. We need to push our State Reps and Senators forcing them to Nulify all the Feds uncontitutional intrusions on the people. They can control a majority in DC, but they don't have the resources to control the state houses.