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Comment: I choose Rand any day...

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I choose Rand any day...

.. Not that I dont like Jesse. I think Jesse is a true patriot and a hero for his service (for his service, not the mission). I think Jesse is extremely important to the debate, but A, Jesse has no chance in hell, B, Rand is Ron's son. If you read Rand's New Republic (please forgive me if I got the article wrong), the one with his fingers crossed, it proves Rand is truly a Libertarian as an apple who truly hasnt fallen far from the tree, yet is all about winning and using politics to get our movement to where it was. Ron is the whole reason there is a liberty movement (he sure is the reason I am no longer a neocon), but Rand is arguably the reason we are finally mainstream and accepted by the GOP grassroots (not just the grassroots his father attracted). Rand is a crafty politician who knows that we cannot actually win being just the philosopher and not just a politician. I believes he (annoyingly) bows to Israel because being a realist and not just an idealist, he knows that extremely unfortunately that you cannot get anywhere in politics without bowing to Israel, which represents only 2% of our population of Jews (which is again, just disgusting, but unfortunately a reality). The pro Israel crowd smells Rand by the way, thats why even though he appears to bow to them, they still hate him.

Jesse on the other hand is really great, but not a great politician. Im sorry to say this, but as the PRESIDENT of his state (in other words a microcosm of what he would be like as POTUS) he didnt exactly create a libertarian utopia. Gary Johnson did a FAR better job of that and look how far he got as a candidate and yet Jesse would be even less popular than GJ and more controversial. Im sorry guys, im just being real here. But I would prefer Rand anyway. Ron is my ideal human, but Rand is my co-hero politician! I love me some Rand Paul. I know many in our movement dont agree, but I believe he truly is ideologically sound. Maybe not close to his dad, but still close.

Ron Paul 2012