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Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura would make the better President by far, and transform the Country away from its sea of corruption.

1. Ventura is very passionate (more like obsessed and rightfully so) about the murder of President Kennedy, and what that did to our Country. He would be the first office holder to completely throw away the whole "lone nut" fraud into the trash bin of History, and try to identify the true (CIA) killers. This by itself would change the narrative in this Country, about the abuse of power that persists in the CIA, the Pentagon, the U.S. State Dept., and the Oligarchs who lead them. It short it would expose the "New World Order", and cause a wave of sentiment for government reforms.

2. Ventura knows very well how the War Establishment lies continually, and he makes no attempt to sugar coat it. He would be the President that they couldn't fool with scare tactics. In a Ventura Administration there would be large cuts to the Military, Weapons Systems, and an Intelligence shakedown. We would have an administration that did not want to go to War, and that rejected the pressure and the talking-points used to start the Wars. For the first time since the 1800s, our Country would be pursuing a peaceful path and a path of co-existence -- and the economy could finally flourish.

3. Ventura is also passionate about ending Political Parties. Whatever your beliefs are, Political Parties pigeonhole our whole dialog into a futile debate where there are only just two answers to every single problem (usually two bad answers). We can never have meaningful discussion and problem-solving in this Country, if everything is seen through the lens of just two predetermined answers. Parties also make officeholders victims of a herd mentality, and make them subject much more easily to political intimidation, pressure, blackmail, and bribery (to stay on the "good side" of the Party Bosses). Without Parties, the only allegiance would be to the U.S. Constitution and to common sense -- and not to the wasteland of Political Party orthodoxy.

4. Ventura is also not so ideologically rigid that he would ever do things that will hurt all the poor people and cause mass poverty and suffering in this Country. He will make cuts, but they will be focused on the people at the top ... not the people at the bottom. It is true that a rising tide lifts all the boats, and that a stratified society ultimately hurts everyone (and creates crime) -- except for the 1% who can live in their gated Mansions safely with chaos all around them.

5. Ventura would also pardon whistleblowers like Bradley Manning, and Edward Snowden (preemptively) on day one. He would also open up a new and thorough Investigation about September 11 (maybe Dick Cheney and his bionic heart to keep him alive for 50 years would finally be in Jail).

6. We would finally have a Presidential Debate at Election time actually worth watching -- with clear, straight-talk, and truth-telling.


So the best choice clearly would be for Ventura!!!

That said, Ventura always teases about running for something every single Election cycle, but he is not really serious about it. He caught lightning in a bottle back in 1998, and I'm sure he knows that rare history like that could not really be repeated with the Country the way that it is....