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Comment: As I mentioned, he is spot-on

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As I mentioned, he is spot-on

As I mentioned, he is spot-on right when he describes how government cannot solve so many issues. How legislation misfires or even backfires.

The problem is, he takes it one step further when he says "there is no problem". That is where you go too far.

For example, I would agree with Sowell when he says that you cannot really legislated away the bias people (for example, a juror) have against Blacks when it comes to crimes/death row.

But I do think that such a bias exists (look at the crime/imprisonment numbers, look at the way crimes are handled differently based on the race of the committer, and look at the logic behind drugs laws in the first place). Sowell takes the stance that it doesn't exist/is wildly exaggerated.

On other issues, I think he is a good spokesperson for the Chicago-School of economics. Under a fixed-exchange model, I think his views have a ton of merit.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


Specific cuts; defense spending: