Comment: Never Met Rick Perry????

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Never Met Rick Perry????

How many people total in congress? 535? Ever go to a high school with 400 kids in your graduating class? It's not that many over the course of your 4 years, and by graduation, if you're a half personable kid, you'll meet just about everyone. If you're in a class together, or sports team, or even same cafeteria, you'll meet just about everyone. If you're in a scene in town, like the music scene or kick ball scene, you'll meet most of the people in that scene. Maybe Ron Paul doesn't meet ALL of congress, but I would think at least the Governor of HIS state!

If this is normal behavior in congress, for most of these guys to not socialize or get to know each other like kids in high school, or work constituents in offices, or bands on tour.... something is seriously broken with the health and mentality of our governing class.