Comment: Not even a republic!

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Not even a republic!

I get annoyed when people call this form of government a democracy. Or worse, they call it a republic.

What is a republic? A republic is a form of government in which the people are sovereign, and have the final say or authority on all matters related to their lives.

A republic is also a form of government that can only exist over a narrow geographical space. In order for the republic to survive the sovereign people must have shared interests, perspectives, values and culture, all of which is only possible in a limited territorial area. The further you extend the geographic bounds of a republic, the more difficult it becomes for the sovereign people to come to a consensus.

We're a nation of 310 million people spread across a half-continent. We are an empire, and its baffling that people still think it's a republic. The independent republics of the revolution were murdered by the constitution - a new nationalist consolidated government replaced the old confederacy.

Wake up and quit believing "if we only follow the Constitution" and "we're a republic" nonsense.