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Comment: I think that's lazy on your part ...

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I think that's lazy on your part ...

... to just post a bunch of links that might or might not prove your point and expect me or anyone else to go off on a wild goose chase trying to find the bits and pieces to see if you are right or wrong.

We already know that feminists make claims about wage gaps, so we expect there will be tons of resources making that claim. The question on the table (that Thomas Sowell addressed) is: Are their claims valid?

In taking a quick look at your links, I found:

#1 is a government report that summarizes testimony. Where are the ACTUAL REPORTS that PROVE your position? Please cite the SPECIFIC language.

It's a 256-page report that I'm not going to wade through only to find that you did not bother to read it yourself. But looking at the table of contents, we see that they took "testimony" of people. That is not a report, where we can examine methodology to see if they are honest or dishonest.

However, we see at B(3) the section "Report: 'Earnings Penalty for Part-Time Work: An Obstacle to Equal Pay" and we can immediately see that this whole document might very well be nothing but feminist bias.

There is no economic reason why part-time employees should make the same as full-time employees, which is likely what that "report" will argue (notice, the title makes a subjective statement; it is not an objective conclusion).

So, I suspect that document is worthless in proving your point. But go ahead and prove me wrong. Show me in THAT 256-page document that there is evidence for your position.

#2 is just a bunch of bios of feminists. Where is there any EVIDENCE to prove your point in that?

#3 summarizes a report and provides evidence AGAINST your position, when it states, "In attempting to explain the discrepancies in pay between men and women, the GAO concluded: Women in the workforce are also less likely to work a full-time schedule and are more likely to leave the labor force for longer periods of time than men ..." and "Women have fewer years of work experience."

This was PRECISELY Sowell's argument. So, your own citation supports Sowell's position, not yours.

#4 is the same report as #3.

#5 is an opinion based on anecdotal evidence.

#6 is VERY interesting because it talks about a study of FEDERAL EMPLOYEES where women make less than men. And we all know that it is ILLEGAL for the government to discriminate. To the contrary, they bend over backwards to get women and minorities hired over white males.

So, there must be something ELSE at work ... OTHER THAN just their sex difference, and this was Sowell's point.

#7 is a dead link.

Now, take a look at sources that SUPPORT Sowell's position, and explain WHY that gap exists (yes, it exists, but NOT because of sex discrimination):

This study shows that:

(a) Men CHOOSE careers that are more dangerous and higher paying.
(b) Men CHOOSE to work in higher-paying fields.
(c) Men CHOOSE to work longer hours and long distances from home.
(d) Men CHOOSE to work nights and weekends.
(e) UNMARRIED women make MORE than unmarried men (Sowell made this point, saying it is really married women versus everyone else).
(f) Women business owners (who by definition will not discriminate against themselves) make LESS than male business owners because the women often CHOOSE priorities other than maximizing income.

Here is a Department of Labor study (2009) that says:

"... the raw wage gap continues to be used in misleading ways to advance public policy agendas without fully explaining the reasons behind the gap. The purpose of this report is to identify the reasons that explain the wage gap ..."

See how this is ON POINT? The report goes on to state that the difference in pay is due to WOMEN'S CHOICES versus men's. It is not due to discrimination.

So, as I said before, show me evidence that the same pay, same experience, same job, etc. proves discrimination (and NOT simple choices made between men and women).

I doubt you can do it because I don't think such a study exists.

But go for it.