Comment: That was a great story,

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That was a great story,

That was a great story, thanks for sharing it here.

When I was a kid the GI Joe cartoons & action figures were really popular. All the kids wanted GI Joe toys, etc. Between the toys and cartoons it made war seem exciting in a way.

So, when my brother and I would visit my Grandfather we would excitedly ask him to tell us about the war. WWII. He never talked about it, maybe not to us because we were kids. Wouldn't even answer us when we asked about if he was in the foxholes.

Apparently, after the war he spent the rest of his life working and then drinking at the local bar when not at work. My Dad tells me that my Grandfather would go to the bar before coming home on work nights and would also spend most of his weekend time at the bar also. When we visited him when I was a kid, at least half the time he was not home... he would be down the street at the corner bar.

I can't help but to wonder sometimes whether he was just an alcoholic or was he trying to drink away some bad memories of the war... maybe trying to forget the worst memories of his life.

He wasn't even drafted in himself. Instead, he volunteered to go to war in place of another family member who was drafted. He was in the airborne unit which parachuted in behind enemy lines, I think it was the 101st Airborne.

I have a photo of him in uniform, but I do not recall him ever being nostalgic in any way whatsoever about his time in the Army.