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that' s fine

you can be an A-hole (as you called it)
Doesn't seem to mesh very well though with another of your posts
about what's more important "principles or love",now does it
Unless that was just a question for others to ponder,and not even try to adhere to
Now let me address,some of the rest of your comment,and mine again to you
I did not make one thing up,had i done that,it would not have been in the form
of a question,now would it? but no matter
You say you didn't understand the rest of my comment?? the rest is what you typed,and is what i responded know,some of you get it,none of you do...ect ect
Oh well be all you can be,act any way you want,say what you can,but make sure
you do not burn bridges behind you
But no,I asked a question,and after all this time,i could care less whether
I got the answer I asked
have a nice day

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon