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Just because something helps

Just because something helps maintain the status quo and current style of living in US, doesn't mean it is right and moral. What the Fed does is totally immoral and a fraud.

Ron Paul and Peter Schiff were able to predict the sub-prime mortgage crisis (maybe not the actual date), because their understanding of economics was/is fundamentally correct amidst the random keynesian noise.

>> "The dollar collapse," my ass. The dollar will only collapse when people no longer think $100 bills are valuable and I don't see that coming any time soon.

Is that a valid statement? The dollar collapse simply didn't happen in 2008 because the Fed stepped in to bail-out the insolvent banks all over the world, and has been bailing-out the insolvent US and EU governments for a long time.
And in-order for your statement to be true, the US military has been terrorizing the entire world to maintain the Petro-Dollar system. It is not that people assume or imagine that USD is still valuable. The reality is that USD is indeed valuable by the sheer fact that OPEC can sell oil only for USD and that US can influence that price of oil.
The only way anyone in US or elsewhere can justify the existince of The Fed and the current USD based money system is if they accept what the US military does in normal. That brown people all over the world can be killed for maintaining the Petro-Dollar and that most-other people of the world should bear the brunt of the USD inflation.

It is no wonder that Americans are hated by many people around the world, because of their supposedly 'unanimous' support to the American military adventures. This is why Ron Paul's message is the best and the most appealing even to those outside US - End the Fed and reduce defense spending by $1 trillion in the first year. Any person trying to justify the Fed or the military in any fashion would not have the support of Ron Paul and most libertarians.