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good point!

I hate all the idiots in the MSM and all over the general population that parrot this same thing. "it's the law" "it was passed by both houses" ... "it was signed by the president"....."the supreme court said it was OK"


Even RP (and Rand) talked about this recently. It is the House's DUTY (where all money bills must originate--from the *people*) to fund or NOT FUND what the people want to fun or not fund. There have been plenty of "laws" that are not funded in subsequent budget's after these things were passed into "law."

Our "constitutional lawyer" "occupier of the white house" doesn't care about that document or the rules it lays down. Everything he wants is constitutional. period. by Fiat.

And our supreme court? don't make me snort milk through my nose laughing. First off the supreme court was NEVER given the job in the Constitution to determine and give "the last word" on the constitutionality of a law. That final decision belongs to "We the People". I run into people at work all the time that believe the same line or horse crap that these people were spouting. The constitution is small and easy to read and easy enough so that my 6th grader could determine that O-bomb-a-care is not authorized by any hint of the imagination under the Constitution. We don't need 9 demigods in black robes to tell us what is and what is not constitutional, thanks......