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Comment: twofer for the cabal

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twofer for the cabal

events like this work as terrorism against the civil population and the blow back against police from such an event makes violence towards police more likely justifying an ever larger police state or even martial law.

Same tactics used in the middle east now being directed at CONUS.

They Rinse and Repeat until they get the harmonics correct and the bell of rage is ringing loud and clear. They obviously want us in the streets where we are easy targets, vulnerable and can be portrayed as the aggressor.

Can also be viewed as GLADIO with a twist, in this iteration the perpetrators are not wearing masks, the goal remains the same, a fascist police state.

Food, water, fuel, ammo and silver. Local relationships.

Survive the false flags, think rope a dope.

When the time is right, grand juries and indictments. Repudiation of debt. The great awakening.