Comment: Evict the Feds

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Evict the Feds

Gov. Brewer and the Arizona Legislature should simply evict the Federal Government and take over management. Many of these "Public Lands" were originally turned over to Federal management with the promise that the lands would be managed for multiple use with a portion of all rents received (grazing fees, mineral leases, timber sales, etc) would be turned over to the State and local governments in lieu of property taxes.

While some State would be negligent in management of such lands, others would manage the lands well, and in some cases sell some lands as needed,

This simple solution would not solve all the ills permeating from DC, and would not substantially reduce the Federal deficit, or even touch the debt. This plan, and similar plans, would serve to reduce Federal interference within the State affected, and likely increase property tax revenue to local governments.

Should Gov. Brewer persue such a solution to this particular problem, I would support her in the effort.