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I can tell that the previous

I can tell that the previous comment comes from an earthly perspective. I don't intend to apply a put down to anyone, or hold myself up as superior. I am a flawed man, like all men. God's plan takes different paths for everyone.

You are correct about what I am saying being non scriptural. Words in a book can mean many different things, depending on where the reader is coming from. Those words can be used to justify genocide by some. Once the holy spirit has been unlocked in the heart, the bible and everything in this world becomes like a solved puzzle.

The thing is that people don't know what they don't know, and once a person does know, they just get it. It is hard to convey in words, because words don't really matter, if a person doesn't have the decoder ring to make sense of them.

Also, you say no christian would go around judging others, have you not judged me by declaring what is allowed, and is forbidden for a christian?