Comment: This is very important, please consider the following

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This is very important, please consider the following

This is where understanding civics comes into play:
You are not describing government, but you are describing governmental propaganda, most likely because it has been crammed down your throat since you were a child.

Consider the following:

Even if you had it your way, and the men that occupied every office in the land were completely benevolent they still...
1. Have no obligation to you.
2. Can harm you with impunity.
3. Claim the power to manage your daily affairs, even if your affairs do not involve them and do not harm another.

Ask yourself these questions,
"Does the legislature or its army of men have any duty to me personally?" No.
"if a law maker votes for a law that harms me, can i sue him?" No.
"Am I legally obligated to obey their statutes?"Yes.
--"If i disobey, will i be punished?" Yes.
----"If i resist their punishment, what will they do to me?"
You will do what they say, when they say it, and they will take what they want, when they want it.
Government GOVERNS you. It claims total power over you. That power in and of itself is by definition tyrannical. Without this power, the entity loses its ability to govern you and therefor ceases to be government.
Government is not the services they pay for and own (infrastructure, fire departments, schools, COURTS, etc...)
Government is a militant entity that occupies society in order to achieve its own ends, whatever they may be.
That is the origin of government and the purpose of government.
Government is composed of the legislature and the army of men they employ to enforce their will.
Governments compete with one another for the resources of this planet, and they consider society a resource.

Many people forget that the origin of courts and the origin of government are completely separate. Courts can be, once were, and ought to be completely separate from government. Although, whenever a government has gotten control over a society, it takes control over that society's court system.

Thoughts??? I hope you enjoyed that.