Comment: I see no conceivable hypocrisy in my statement.

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I see no conceivable hypocrisy in my statement.

Of course the power company has the right to make sure that what you want to connect to their system is safe. They wouldn't let you connect a dead fault to their system either. Since the power company has to meet standards regarding power quality, so do you if you want to attach to that grid...thus theya re going to want your inverter to meet certain safety standards. The disconnect switch is actually because of lines mans safety rules, there has to bea visible open in the circuit for safety sake. All of these rules are safety and quality related. Sounds to me like you want to sell dangerous unsafe power to your neighbors, and if so, and your neighbors a re okay with that then build your own distribution to them. If you want to. Be off grid, then buy some batteries and be off grid. As for dual meters, that is silly, but again it is their system, so they make the rules. At my company we would replace the meter with a bidirectional meter. My guess is they are hoping in the future to pay you the actual value of the power to them (2-3 cents per kWh ) so they want to know how much power is flowing both ways, and at what times. It really sounds like you have gotten used to some of the solar incentives that government has forced on your local utility, and now you are ticked off that they would have the chutzpah to make you have a safe system, or only want o pay you the actual value oft eh product you provide to them. You do not sound like you are championing a free market here, sounds like you want further government intervention in your favor.....

Josh Brueggen
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