Comment: Wow, you sure can't read things in context, can you?

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Wow, you sure can't read things in context, can you?

Try this. You said we have the right to do whatever on our side, then you say you have the right to tell us how to do it safely. That's hypocrisy, plain and simple. However, I'll give you the power to say this to keep people on your side safe. In other words, I'll grant you that there should be a disconnection.

That said, you shouldn't be able to mandate what kind of disconnect - only that it's disconnected. The anti-islanding inverters (all certified inverters adhere to this standard!) do this which means no additional disconnect is required. This isn't about being safe, it's about using 'safety' as a fear-mongering word to scare people into doing more than is reasonable to be safe. Might as well go around screaming that it's for the children.

Your additional disconnect requirement is wasted additional expense mandated by a law lobbied for by your power company. Who is at fault here?

On top of that, MOST state requirements require not only an AC disconnect to break connection from the customer's house to the grid, they also require a DC disconnect to break it from the PV array to the inverter. Depending on system configuration, that's often a ludicrous redundancy that stands simply 'because its a rule'.

You think I want more government intervention? Wow, again, you're not comprehending what you're reading. I want the government OUT OF THE BUSINESS so your company can't buy them off to game renewables out of the competition. I don't see how I could have been any clearer. I think you're so biased FOR support of your company that you can't see they are major players behind the entire energy crisis (including the wars for oil). Yes, it goes that far.

If you really want to see what I want, here's a recent write-up I did of a system that I co-created a decade ago. It receives praise from engineers, unless they have a vested interest in some type of energy company. So, I challenge you to tell me if this is un-doable because of technical or safety problems or if it simply hurts the monopoly that power companies have over the people.