Comment: Logical Failure

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Logical Failure

Problem is that it is not applicable law to You.

Codes have no application to the people nor do they claim to. Lawful codes are for those who contract under its capacity. The court will claim that the Accuser is the "STATE of [X]" or "The People of the STATE of [X]" but Lawful (Just) powers of government are only derived from the consent of the governed and any lawful agent of government would be required to be acting on behalf of the principle accuser who would face you in a court of law with their valid cause of action alleging actual harm to them by you for a court to have lawful subject matter jurisdiction (Common Law right to face your accuser).

The criminals claiming to be "law enforcement" and the "court" are committing criminal fraud, extortion and perjury when they force you into contract against your will UNLESS you consent to their jurisdiction and stand under (understand) their claims of code application to you. If you consent to the jurisdiction then they now have the consent of the governed for the lawful power against you because of your own consent. This is their criminal deception they are committing against everyone. If they don't have your consent then they are required to have another member of the governed with a valid cause of action to be the accuser to have any lawful powers. If one does not consent and then challenges them to use their own rules for evidence to demonstrate that they indeed have consent of governed for lawful operation then this path will fail to provide concrete evidence beyond all reasonable doubt because of their failed logic in their own claims of where the consent comes from. Without an accuser with a valid cause of action their is not principle invoking their agency thus they have no standing agency to the people. They will claim it comes from legislature but their is absolutely no way for them to actually prove that the representatives in legislature are indeed in agency to the people and that them position was even derived from the people. They are lying committing fraud and extortion. Don't consent to it and don't let them get away with felony crimes being committed against you. Become the accuser, bring the criminals to justice. You have every lawful right and duty to do so. If they obstruct justice by trying to protect their criminal buddies then now those individuals are liable for misprision and obstruction of justice all felony criminal acts.

Learn their lawful bounds within the law and bring justice. We the People do not have to allow this criminal enterprise to continue we can bring these criminals acts before our juries and throw the criminals in prison where they belong.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...