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And why is THAT an issue, if

And why is THAT an issue, if you support rand, thats fine, but that doesnt automatically mean you should support republican.....especially so, if you have a mistrust for alliegence to established parties that parrot one another the same immoral manipulations, no thanks......loosing trust, is not a temporary thing for some folks, once its lost, it cant be brought back so easilly, and usually only through actions, since trust in their words is the first thing to go......and this might take years, just to make sure promises made are kept or not recinded......dont blame us for the mistrust, blame the parties who thought their words and actions would never have consequence, because if they go on believing that, then they will continue those same actions that have no alliegence to mistrusted parties is to me, akin to not voting for the best candidate, but who is more likely to win....a "wasted vote" as some folks call it.......whereas i think it as a vote of conviction to your ideals