Comment: In my opinion, the drone

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In my opinion, the drone

In my opinion, the drone arm's race will spell the end of governments.

The most deadly drones are not going to be hunks of junk like this thing. They are going to be small insect-sized drones capable of delivering a dose of poison that kills a person. They are going to continue getting smaller and smaller and more deadly with longer range until you can't tell if its a mosquito, or a death-bot.

Imagine when such drones eventually find their way to the internet where they can be downloaded via open source and built by the average person at home from spare parts.

What the hell are governments going to do with all their fancy tanks and planes when political figures everywhere are under constant threat of being assassinated by the disgrunteled 14 year old kid in his mom's basement?

Guess what elites, there's a lot more of us than there are of you.