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Comment: Here's how the impasses in Washington ideally play out:

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Here's how the impasses in Washington ideally play out:

Default. Admit 17 + trillion dollars never will be repaid. Cancel the debt, disestablish the Fed, fire the IRS, print Treasury notes in place of Fed dollars, and never again pay any bank interest for printing the government's money as loans to be repaid by taxes. Sounds like fantasy, but how else is this government going to redeem itself, and return to a constitutional foundation. It's not time to throw in the towel and just give in. The herd mentality that is prevalent now in every branch of government and in the press, swaying any direction like what the doggies do home on the range - those days are getting fewer as time progresses, and new technologies lend awareness to public domains. Believe it, these unheard of changes are not far away, and the herd will soon break their bonds to blossom into real legislators and lawmakers. of for and by the citizens of the USA.