Comment: #7 is your nail in the coffin - and not like you are thinking.

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#7 is your nail in the coffin - and not like you are thinking.

CME stands for Coronal Mass Ejection. This is a phenomenon where the Sun ejects part of its plasma upper atmosphere into space during a "solar storm". This plasma layer, which is where the LIGHT of the Sun comes from, is called the "corona" hence "Coronal Mass Ejection" or CME.('corona' is latin for 'crown' from Greek meaning 'garland' or 'wreath')

Since you don't know that, it stands to reason everything else you said, most of it unsourced, is pure bunk.

#6 has no source.

#5 is patently false: is still up and running.

#4 is not all it seems to be: "The agency hopes to install a new version of the fence using technology that it says will be more accurate." (from the NPR article linked here:

Note, the OP didn't bother to link the article so you could read things for yourself.

#3 is grounds for a defamation lawsuit. Here's a disclaimer posted by Mr. McCanney himself on the subject:

"NOTE ... there is a youtube video with clips of my voice from a 2002 radio show taken out of context which is being passed around where it sounds like i am saying there is a solar system coming into ours at the present time ... this is a planted misinformation piece meant to defame me and my work..."


#2 has no source.

#1 no blackout - there are others tracking the comet

That last one also debunks the "Hubble is broken" myth as those images are FROM the HST.

As well, I see nothing wrong with the MRO and Oddessy not giving us pictures of ISON - after all, their cameras were built for, and paid to, POINT AT MARS.

Finally, the ESA IS looking at ISON -


Really, OP, stop believing everything you read on the internet, at least without VERIFYING it first. You look like a first class dumbass right now.