Comment: Jesse?

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I personally like Jesse, although there are some things I do not agree with him about. What I do like is that he represents the voice willing to call out a situation in it's basic form, or in other words, has and uses common sense.

Mostly, he does not represent himself as a "politician". He to his credit has avoided being totally sucked in. I have never seen him play the part or act out on any interviews.

I would like to see him run for President primarily for one reason...he would "shake" things up dramatically. You can't ignore this guy, his presence is to commanding. His life has trained him to be who is...and that is somebody who will not be intimidated or messed with. He knows what life is about and death, and pain is no stranger to him, which creates fortitude and stamina in a person.

Jesse I believe would stand up to the obstacles that threaten this country, even risking his life to do so. That is what I see in the man. Jesse is the kind of guy you want on your side when you get into a fight.