Comment: They're dumping trillions of

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They're dumping trillions of

They're dumping trillions of dollars...WHY?

Because everybody wants some.

I want some too. Dollars are still very high in demand. It's amazing. Everybody with a critical thinking brain knows they're backed by nothing but we all still want them.

That's paradoxical...but just goes to show how money is what people think it is. Money is mental, but we want the physical dollars at the same time.

The Federal Reserve is in business. Their best seller is the dollar, and it is more popular than ever before thanks to trillions of dollars worth of bailouts.

The FED prints trillions of dollars, but they're still rare and hard to come by.

The FED's job is to create as many debt instruments as possible, and they're playing the world like a flute.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.