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Agree with most of your

Agree with most of your points, which is why I said that BC is not perfect. It's pretty much perfect in dealing with human behaviour, but it doesn't do so well with global disaster. Like you, I do not regard cascasius coins as perfect solutions, but I do think that this problem could eventually be solved. Perhaps by BC 2.0. I think a disaster would first need to occur, before people will put in the energy to think up these solutions. That's pretty much how progress goes. I do think that a physical solution (based on cascasius, but better) will be required in order to eventually solve this problem.

Regarding multiple forms of the blockchain existing under a global meltdown, that's only when some parts of the world still have internet. And only when the miners do a 51% attack on what's left of the network and then try to double spend. Without that attack, the blockchain won't have multiple copies. It will just be fragmented. But when the internet comes back up, the fragmented parts will reunite to form the complete single blockchain.

Edit: Just looked the issue up of a fork. I believe you are right that fragmented internet would result in a fork, where the fork with the least transactions (which could be a country) would be rejected by the largest fork. A possible solution could be for that fork to turn into an altcoin, but this is not a perfect solution as well.