Comment: Working draft of request for new Act of Congress from DPers

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Working draft of request for new Act of Congress from DPers

Below I'm going to draft a letter to a Congressional representative requesting an Act of Congress to return Federal Parks to the States upon application in the light of the Federal Governments recent arrogance. We shouldn't have to see 90 yr old WWII vets charging open air moments in wheel chairs either.

I will be updating it over the next day or so. Please provide comments on the draft and voice your support so it can be referenced in the letter. I will start with an outline shortly. For those who watch Congress closely please remember to suggest which Congressmen are most likely to listen to such a request. Keep checking up - outline coming up, then draft...


8 October 2013

The Honorable (Need Recommendations)
(Room #) (Name) (Senate or House) Office Building
United States (Senate or House of Representatives)
Washington, DC 20515

Re: Request Sponsorship of “The Return of Federal Parks to States Redress Act”

Dear (Congressman/woman):

My name is (DP Constituent Full Name) and I am a member of the Daily Paul Forum and a resident of (City, State). I am writing to request your sponsorship of an Act that would facilitate a rapid transition of Federal Parks back to the States upon request. At a minimum it should provide States full control of Federal Park access roads and throughways in the event of a Government shutdown. Under no condition shall the Federal Government have the right to evict or restrict access to private homes and businesses.

The recent shutdown has demonstrated the Federal Government's increasing arrogance and willingness to trample States rights and the private property of citizen located near and around Federal Parks.

More to come...

(Your Name)