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They run Russia & China too...

... This pretending that Russia and China are not major partners in the NWO is just ridiculous already.

The New WORLD Order is just that. Does temptation, bribery, lust, and desire for power stop at a particular nation's borders? Does the fear of intimidation, retaliation, embarrassment, torture, etc., not exist in China, or Russia? Is the globalist bankers' rigged money system not accepted in China? Russia? That's right.

The level or degree of control they exercise in each nation varies. In some places they have only a little influence, like Somalia.

Other places nearly complete control. These are the places with the MOST government. Like China, Russia (they are returning back to the old Russia, politically) and middle eastern oil Kingdoms and dictatorships.

In the US and most countries, the NWO has a significant amount of power, but it is not nearly total. It is rapidly becoming so though, because for example, our President Barack Hussein has strong connections to organized globalism, communism/socialism and radical Islam.

He is implementing his policies based upon his world-view, formed by his political and religious mentors, who were radical communists/socialists and anti-Jewish Muslims.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?