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Actually, BC can have value

Actually, BC can have value without internet connectivity. If you can manage to turn BC physical, the BC will have value for the same reason a FRN has value. If a piece of paper can have value, why can't a physical BC not have value for that same reason? It's all about trust. If one trusts that the internet will eventually come back, physical BC will act as online BC for awhile.

BC with internet works like cash. BC without internet basically is like using checks. But checks are accepted in the US without much problem and can be used to pay for stuff.

The main problem is the problem of counterfeiting the physical BC. If one can prevent that, then it's fine to regard the physical BC as behaving the same way as an internet connected BC.

Of course, this scenario disregards the grid being down for an extended period of time. And it depends much on how large the trust is in BC. If that trust is high, it might actually be able to operate offline without much loss in value. I don't see this happening when this happens for the first time. A powergrid failure would need to happen several times for this trust to build, not to mention that BC would need to have adequate countermeasures to inspire and build this faith during a meltdown. This is something that will most likely be solved far in the future. More likely a successor to BC.