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Fife Symington

The governor of Arizona at the time of the last shutdown went to the Grand Canyon with 50 Arizona National Guard troops and 25 state park employees to re-open the Canyon. The result was a portion of the park being re-opened to visitors and AZ even got it's money back for the operating of the park.

Given that demonstration of force and subsequent success, I'm wondering why our current batch of 50 governors don't step up and start re-opening the parks in their states. What would Obama be able to do if 50 states all declared that their respective guards would be opening the parks? What would he do if those governor's also requested all the sheriff's within their state revoke any police powers of any federal branch of government that is preventing people from the quiet enjoyment of public lands? I wonder what Sheriff D'Agostini thinks of NPS cops blocking people from entry into parks.