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"This shows to me how young men have become pussyfied over the years. Kids can't play army, Tag is being outlawed at recess etc. etc."

Exactly... Must be an ("ex") liberal democrat that started this thread??! It is also pretty telling who thinks this is a positive story.

I've had it with playing nice with these obvious trolls.... base... aghhemmm.... 1ass... .....

The 'lesson' of this story is inconsistent with the values of individualism, libertarianism, competition, and success. You can never succeed in life, by giving in, or giving up.

What will happen if there is Civil unrest, and civil war? Will young American men have the internal fortitude to fight, after possibly seeing people they care about killed in front of them? Why are government institutions training the people to be wussies, while the government is militarizing law enforcement and 'homeland security'?

Can you not see this DailyPaul?! How many wussy "Ex" Liberals here are still really just whiny wussy liberals who learned how to do math and realized RonPaul was right on monetary/fiscal policy? Hmmm? Let's see...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?