Comment: Anyone hear about the Bonus Terrorists?

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Anyone hear about the Bonus Terrorists?

The concept of taking credit for having saved the world from terrorists is the principle behind this NEWS being digesting currently.

The crooks who profit from the wars (they gain power) claim to be the earners of all the credit for having saved everyone from the terrorists; when in fact those same crooks start the wars themselves.

The actual people who pay all the costs of the wars, including those who "win" the wars, the soldiers, are not given any credit for having sacrificed portions of their lives, instead, the soldiers are officially discredited, as they are not only NOT paid the amount they are promised, the amount they deserve (an official recognition?) they are often left to rot, left to suffer more, and the veterans are often branded as outlaws, or terrorists, when the veterans realize how horribly they have been duped into following criminal orders issued by War Pigs.

The link above proves the point well enough, but the history of such insanity at the "Top" of the Pyramid in so called National Government goes back to the start.

Look here:

The polar opposite to cases whereby the so called "government" "wins" are those cases where the victims of "government" defend Liberty.

The Revolutionary War is one example of an exception.

Here is another: