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It's not a matter of code being open source or not.

I am saying because most people aren't coders, most can't read code and see it's authenticity. Yes coders contribute to the ever building line of code to say Java however that doesn't mean it isn't susceptible to faults, backdoor entry, programmed control etc etc etc.

You're holding wealth not data. Data can be verified with real. If you exist you can verify your identity with what is stored in data. However the control of wealth which is stored in data that is susceptible to manipulation easily is a concern. Easily because in a large ocean of bitcoin data you won't see it happen or hear about it when something does happen because those who are not targeted will not be affected.

Simply tacking on "libertarian" doesn't make the idea an instant selling point.

I think of bitcoin as a tool to transfer value but not to store it. You can use it to trade easily in much the same way a paper note is useful in your pocket for transferring your wealth as opposed to handling heavy gold. But at the end of the day you want to exchange your paper for real value - a commodity of some sort, a material good or service. Or gold.