Comment: this guy look healthy to you?

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this guy look healthy to you?

Great promotion. I think he said "Ann Wigmore" 10,000 times.

Now Michael, I have lost 2 sisters in law to cancer, 49 & 55 years old. They were big into caffeine and grains (bread & pasta). They were treated by doctors, doctors and doctors. By the time they passed away their sister (my wife) divorced us and cut me out of the loop to lend any assistance.

I did the vegetarian thing for 20 years but something was still missing. Sometimes (many times) vegetarianism is a great excuse to eat sweets.

It's possible that many foods can nourish the body and Dr Sherry Rogers says our poor health (and there is much of it) is caused by 2 things; poor nutrition and toxins in the body. BTW she is not encouraging us to eat pizza 5 time per day.

Check out iodine and just type "iodine deficiency" into your browser and see if you recognize the symptoms. Dr Brownstein says we can only go so far with our health when we are iodine deficient.

So Mario was close to death and then recovered and then died?
You were feeling great and then drunk and acting like Miley Cyrus?

There you go. Make sure you are "paying attention".