Comment: I have Tri-care.

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I have Tri-care.

I got a letter a few weeks ago stating that my geographical area had been eliminated from coverage and that I was being dis-enrolled. Had to accept an increase in my driving distance to keep my insurance. The driving part actually didn't make any difference. I had already moved 45 miles away from my doctor. But now I have to go to Fort Leonard Wood for "space available" care, or to St. James, MO, which is 60 miles away, for VA care. No more private sector doctor. I'm ok with a military doctor, but I won't go to the VA for any kind of care. Good thing we don't go to the doctor much (knock on wood). My premiums are obscenely cheap, and rightly so since I'm a military retiree, but a few months back they went up over 10%. I heard they'll keep doing that, and I'm pretty miffed about it.