Comment: If there was any doubt, the message

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If there was any doubt, the message

becomes clear when you view both their commercials. In the one above, a nervous guy doesn't know if his marriage proposal will be accepted: he's *either* going to be the happiest man in the world... or, rejected, the most miserable. In the other, nervous kids lying in the street don't know if their friend - who is going to ride his bike off a ramp - will be able to muster the speed to clear them... or if they're going to end up with his bike smashing into them.

Either way, it sure would be nice to have some guarantee in advance!
Assured Guaranty: Commitment Guaranteed, Experience Guaranteed, Proven Liquidity, Strength Guaranteed

I don't think chris cudnowski's interpretation was correct, that the commercial's message was that women were smarter than men - even if that were true. And I'm not saying it is true, but I *am* the one who understood the commercial! :)

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