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Thanks for pronouncing the invisible double-yoo.

I think we're both right and I think I can prove it:

THE Book on Dating by Mark Dice. It's got the unfortunate subtitle of 'Strategies Every guy Should Know' which would more accurately be 'the Psychology of...' but I know 'strategies' is a better word for selling books...

Anyhoo, I think the whole commercial is pretty insulting to both sexes. It's easy to see how the guy is portrayed as a 'dork' - the silly outfit, the goofy grin.

But how is the woman portrayed? By her reaction you'd think they're on their first date. Then she remains surprised at the idea that this little dork would ask to marry her. Finally she thinks 'If I did marry this guy, it would only be for his money.' So now all women, or at least the blondes, are gold-diggers?

As to whether women are smarter than men I'd have to say yes, but the trade-off is they are also more insane. :) Flip on any random sitcom and you'll see the smart, sassy wife telling the dumb fat husband what to do while he sneaks around behind her back. Raymond, King of Queens, George Lopez, Till Death, on and on and on...

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