Comment: thug-NYPD offender arrested!! apparently caught on camera

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thug-NYPD offender arrested!! apparently caught on camera

hitting/smashing the vehicle (not made public yet) even though he initially said he never actually participated in any part of the attack, which according to CNN 'legal analyst' under NY statutes falls under "gang attack"

Undercover Cop Arrested In Road Rage Case Between Motorcycle Club And Family In SUV
Published on Oct 8, 2013
October 08, 2013 CNN

** haven't paid that deep attention to this news, but have heard that the Rover's tires were slashed. What I haven't heard until this vid is that the some of the motorcyclists SLASHED the tires BEFORE one of their own got run over at the initial point of encounter: if that is so, as stated, then the driver Alex Lien, fearing for his life and family had EVERY legitimate, legal and lawful reason (even under tyrannical anti-self defense NY 'laws') to defend himself, if he truly believed under the situation that he had no way to retreat. Which he didn't, seeing as how he was surrounded, and the only way 'out' would've been to actually run one of the offenders over, to get away from the 'pack.'

Now if the biker whom the Range Rover driver happened to run over on the exit, indeed had NOTHING to do with the attacks, unfortunately for the victim, even under the most optimal circumstances he can hope for is a civil lawsuit for obvious medical costs/pain & suffering, etc. but NOT a criminal one.

I truly feel sorry for that man, if he truly were innocent, and literally happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Regardless, it's horrible all around...

Predictions in due Time...

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