Comment: looks like Stewart will be in Austin for a couple of days

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looks like Stewart will be in Austin for a couple of days

to film a segment for the upcoming, Alex Jones' Obama Deception II; says that Stewart will also be on Alex's Radioshow tomorrow, for a full hr. For now, Rhodes is on InfoWars Nightly News for a short segment, with an awesome eyecandy: AJ's updated Barrett M107A1 with cylindrical muzzle brake mated for their OEM .50BMG suppressor.

Barrett M107 .50 cal Sniper full review, shooting, ammo testing, and explosives with Jerry Miculek
Published on Sep 21, 2013


We have our incendiary, armor piercing, tracer ammo. We have our Hornady A-MAX Match ammunition. We have exploding targets. We have our Barrett M107 (updated M82) 50 caliber sniper rifle. That can only mean one thing...

The long awaited episode of shoot fast is here! The Barrett M107 50 caliber sniper rifle!

Special thanks to FREEDOM MUNITIONS for the special ammunition!
Hornady .50 BMG A-MAX Match Ammunition
Scope used is Jerry's signature Vortex Razor HD gen II
Firearm used is a SEMI-AUTOMATIC (one shot per one pull of the trigger) Barrett M107 .50 BMG rifle

Check out Jerry Miculek, THE fastest revolver shooter alive, shoot the fifty & do Kyle Lamb's VTAC 1-5 drill in 2.17 seconds!!!

VTAC 1-5 drill with Barrett .50 cal in 2.17 seconds! (Answer to Steve Fisher's 4.68 second time)
Published on Sep 13, 2013

We had a request to beat a time accomplished in another video by Mr. Steve Fisher in which he shoots a modified version of the VTAC 1-5 drill (same as in our video) in a 4.68 second total time. I managed to beat it with a 2.17. We hope you guys enjoy!

Predictions in due Time...

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