Comment: What's to negotiate?

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What's to negotiate?

The other day I was reading an essay which, paraphrased, made the statement that Soetoro care (Obamacare) is a fraud, illegal and unenforceable, just like it's namesake. That Soetoro, the mandatory health care "law", congress and the courts need to be completely regarded as unConstitutionally legitimized. Soetoro's entire ruse (fraudulent IDs) as a legal president is unravelling, finally, and a bunch of folks, including politicians, bureaucrats, business and social leaders and media personalities, who have conspired to maintain the fraud, will go to the hoosegow, not unlike those who contrived the Nixon/Watergate coverup which dramatically pales in comparison to government coverups of Carter, Reagan, Bushes, Clinton and Soetoro administrations. The record is established. There's no denying it and truckers, vets, bikers and we the people are damn mad. Our Constitutional Republic is on the brink of destruction by forces internal fortified by a silent invasion of sanctioned illegals.

The writer continued that somebody wrote something not so long ago about hell to pay and that it's commin' down and the "perps" know it. Such is the explanation for the current state of the union which could eventually cause for generalized murder and mayhem amongst the masses, carefully scripted by the perps, themselves. How else can they hope to escape their dastardly deeds. Interesting was the suggestion their only escape is to get in deeper, and deeper, resulting in the divide and conquer syndrome that tyrants of all sorts require to live another day. For them to "pay the piper" would be a complete reversal of the status quo. The "piper has piped and the knitting continues"? "Calling all Sheriffs, calling all Sheriffs. Deputize the militia, head 'em up and move 'em out. The perps are well known about the county. Do ya think they'd demand Miranda treatment and due process?" (The last quote is a hoot.)

Actually, most of the above is a direct quote. I think the author was anonymous and probably why many persons are distraught about easy access to the internet. Too bad, eh. What's that song, 'Cry Me A River'?