Comment: Not Weird At All, Michael

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Not Weird At All, Michael

....just overlapping and multi-purpose. As you probably are aware, when we ask to be a messenger ...unconsciously or consciously, serve by delivering messages, working unknowingly with the angels...we become conscious that we just "may" be part of a large volunteer squad.

As I head for the hospital for a bronchosophy where twelve samples for biopsy will be taken on the heels of a chest xray which led to a CT scan which led to a PET scan etc. And, all of this has taken place after having been healthy and not seeing a doctor for over a decade, moving to a bew city and almost giving up on finding a doctor who would take a new (just turned 65) medicare patient.

I am now in a caring, friends and medical people...however, have critically timely decisions to make in line with your post. Thank you for volunteering...thank you for serving...thank you for delivering a message ....